Privacy Policy

At, we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy

We are very much particular and concern about our users confidentiality of personal information ,  either via usage of our website or any other devices (Including Mobile devices). Though we  donot collect and retain any of the information’s from users, we are still very much concern about users data protection and confidentiality.

We will never share or pass any of the personal information to the third parties(Unless you have authorised) except in the case of complying with National Law, assisting with investigation, preventing fraud or to resolve any kind of disputes if arises.

Our organization will use very technical and administrative security techniques to minimise the risks of loss, misuse of your personal information with us.

However, in the near future or in the due course of business or when we would like to contact you with details of offers, services , products as a goodwill gesture or valuable customer. If you are happy for us to contact you for this purpose, we do need your consent or authorisation/permisson. For that we need your consent via our official email saying how you would like us to contact you, They are:

Our email is :

Post (Yes/No)

Email (Yes/No)

Telephone (Yes/No)

Text Message (Yes/No)

Automated Call (Yes/No)

Please do mention if you want to completely opt out of all of those above mention.

You are free to do that and your decision will be completely respected.


Who we are::

We are, Fast, Reliable and Authentic News Portal from Nepal.


How do we collect information from you::

We donot collect any data and information from you.


Google Analytics System::

Our website use the Google Analytics system which is the web analytics solution which gives us insight into website traffic , its sources and effectiveness so that we keep our website secure by keeping tracks of activities happening in our website. In simple language we can see the peoples activities in our website with the help of their devices unique address which is IP address.

This tool is solely used to track spams, malicious software and also help us in preventing the malpractices or external threat in our website.



Cookies are small text files which will be stored on a user’s computer by the user’s browser while they visit websites.

These files are created to carry information from various websites whenever they switch between websites. In simple words they are used to remember certain piece of information which user entered into website form or fields like, Name, Addresses, Password etc.

Cookies are created whenever new webpage is loaded. It depended upon whether user has enabled or disabled the cookies in web browser. If user have opt for disable cookie then the writing in files will not be carried out and ultimately website may not function properly.

Please refer to our cookie policy , follow the link below;

Cookies Policy


Facebook, Twitter::

We use Facebook, Twitter button (ICON) that is an additional facility to our users where they can share links with other people or friends. These services also use cookies. Please refer to the cookies and Privacy policy of Facebook, Twitter.


Amazon Affiliate:

We also display the advertsing banners of Amazon, so that our user can use this facility and use the services of Amazon. They also use cookies to track the performance of their advertisments like which advert is being clicked, what are peoples preferences in terms of adverts. For more detail about it please refer to the following link;


Propeller ads :

We display the advertisment banners, pop up advertisment window from Propeller Ads. They also use cookies to track the performance of their advertisements like which advert is being clicked, what are peoples preferences in terms of adverts. For more detail about it please refer to the following link;

Privacy Policy


If you think you donot want to use some of your personal information’s to the public but you still want to put your advertisements in our portal , just email us what you want to advertise (TEXT/IMAGES/BANNERS/FLIERS), however as a security measure we still need to obtain some of your information’s which will not be post in website publicly. 


What Type of Information is collected from you::

We donot collect any information at all. However our google analytics features can see certain features like where user is located and their network.


How is your Information Used::

We donot collect any information at all. However our google analytics features can see certain features like where user is located and their network.


How will it be used & Share with ::

Since we donot collect , so we donot share any of the date and information’s.


What will be the effect on Individual Concern ::

Since we donot collect any data information our user are very safe to use our website.


Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain ::

If ever any individuals or organizations feel that there is a breach/misuse of your data and information intentionally, please you are advised to contact us immediately  by email If you wish to delete all the information’s from our portal, please free to either call us directly or via email. We will immediately delete permanently all the information’s, with out any cost.


Once again we would like to request our valuable customer to please consider our privacy policy very seriously.

Please send your advance approval or consent to allow your information to be used in our website. Without your Consent any of the products you wish to use in our website will not be entertained.